Research details

In orde to develop a training in "Responsible Research", the needs of researchers at UASs from different domains were identified. Between May 2020 and July 2020, twelve researchers from UASs, both senior and junior, from seven different UASs in the Netherlands were interviewed. The researchers are working in seven different domains: Economics, Arts and Culture, Pedagogy, Engineering, Health Care, Business Administration and Bioinformatics. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the interviews were conducted online.

The TETRIAS working group was curious about perceptions of research integrity in applied research. What practical problems does one encounter as a researcher at UASs? Where are the gaps and how can training be designed to address them? Is there a difference between doing research at the university or at a UASs? If so, what is the difference and what does that mean for conducting research with integrity and ultimately for a training program on Responsible Research?

Topic list for the interviews

Several themes were addressed during the interviews. As an introduction was asked Which thoughts raises when you think about research integrity? and Wat is research integrity about?

The first theme was 'Good science'. What characterizes a good researcher? And to be more specific; a good researcher at UASs? Then the contrast was made in the theme 'Sloppy science'; when is research integrity get into a grey zone, where are the gaps?

The 'The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity' was also discussed. Prior to the interview, the researchers were asked to take a look at this code of conduct. During the interview the participant was asked about his first impression of this code and to which extent the code of conduct fits for his own research practice. Finally, the needs and content of a training on "Responsible Research" were addressed, as well as ideas for training design and the target audience under the theme Training.