Translating researchers’ Experiences into Training on Research Integrity at universities of Applied Sciences


As of October 2018 the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (Nederlandse gedragscode wetenschappelijke integriteit) is in force for all research institutions, including the Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). By signing this code of conduct, the UASs have the obligation to provide training and education for their researchers in conducting responsible research. So far, UASs have not systematically offered such education or training themselves. This means that UAS researchers are often dependent on training programs offered by the research universities.

Seven UASs took the initiative – in collaboration with the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging van Hogescholen) – to develop the training 'Responsible Research'. Their starting point is that the training should not only focus on gaining judicial and regulatory knowledge, guidelines and codes of conduct, but also on skills to recognize moral dilemmas, to reflect on them and to make responsible choices in the event of conflicting values. 

To determine which topics should be addressed and what the objectives of the training should be, researchers from seven UAS were interviewed about practical examples of integrity issues and moral dilemmas in their work. These examples and experiences are translated into the required learning outcomes of a basic individual and advanced team training program.

Both training programs use appropriate existing training materials (for example from NRIN and the VIRT2UE project), and where necessary new materials are developed. 

Finally, syllabuses for trainers and participants of each training program have been written. Instructors from various UASs will receive training (train-the-trainer) to guide them in conducting the basic training. All materials will be made available open access online in an online repository and via The Embassy of Good Science.


Susan MJ Berentsen  


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